A New Family Member

by Joe Gee
2 Minutes read
Giant Alaskan Malamute Puppy Dog Muskegon Michigan Alpha Joe Gee

Welcome to our newest family member!

“Alpha” the Giant Alaskan Malamute will be delivered to us this week from Virginia 🥰 Most of you on my Facebook page know that I lost my most bestest friend ever last fall to nose cancer 😭 “Happy” was so special to me and it really hurt.

My husky “Echo” is getting really old and he’s like a grumpy cat. He doesn’t like affection and basically stays outside. I’ve been thinking about getting a new puppy over the last 6 months.

I found this company in Virginia called Mountain Ridge Malamutes that breeds the most beautiful Giant Alaskan Malamutes. They have a wait list and they were already spoken for. I was looking for a color and look similar to what Happy looked like. I began commenting on their page and asking anybody who has a puppy reserved that I would be willing to take over their spot for $500 extra. Coincidentally a few days later the owner reached out to me and told me that a family backed out and this puppy was available. I immediately knew this was meant to be. I know nothing will ever replace the bond and relationship that I had with Happy… My love for him will never die but I can cherish and love this puppy as a memorial to him 🥲🥰

Below is a photo of “Happy” the Giant Alaskan Malamute (Brown/White) and “Echo” the Siberian Husky (Black/White) along with my son Julian and my wife’s dog “Stella”. It’s so hard to look at this photo and not feel like part of my family is missing 🙁

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