My Spiritual Retreat in Costa Rica

by Joe Gee
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Rythmia Life Advancement Center

While I was at Rythmia in Costa Rica, I was really busy working on myself and taking everything in. I tried my best to stay off social media but I made time to write over 50 pages in my journal. I had massages, colonic cleanses, delicious farm to table meals and met a ton of awesome people. We had the initial orientation classes, introduction into plant medicine, herbal support therapy, plant integration, breath of life breathwork classes, yoga classes and more.

Mother Ayahuasca

I met Mother Ayahuasca during my first ceremony and she told me that I should write a book about my experiences instead of typing everything out on social media. A lot of people on social media are close minded anyways. They judge you and look down on you for what they don’t understand. I had to block a few people for just being nasty and negative about my journey. They think plant medicine is a “drug” because the US government tries to control everything you do and made this sacred medicine illegal. Plant medicine is real, it’s beautiful and it works miracles… but I will get more into that later.

Facebook Updates

I’m going to embed a few of my Facebook updates that I posted below and I will update you guys more as soon as I get done processing everything. 🙂

Up to date

So, there you have it 🙂 You’re pretty much all caught up with what I have chose to share on social media. I will probably include some more content for my blog because I want this blog to be more informative than social media and give you guys something special to read about… instead of just mirroring everything I say on Facebook and Instagram.

Keep an eye out for some more blog posts and pictures from my trip.

Also, my book is a work in progress and I will let you guys know when it’s available if you feel like reading it or listening to it on Audible. Thank you 🙂

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